Girls Dormitry

About this project

Commissioned by the Mount Elgon Trust and Elimu Mount Elgon, Back2Africa has been requested to design two boarding schools (boys & girls). As mentioned earlier, I am an architect within the foundation Back2Africa and thus responsible for all construction projects and urban planning.

Both buildings will be built in two phases. The commute every day from home to school and back, comes with great risks. Especially for the girls, so they’ll receive the first shelter. This first phase will provide 50 girls with a safe haven on weekdays. On the weekends they can go home with the school-bus.

The girls dormitory was completed in the spring of 2011 as desired, including solar panels and the sanitation building. The construction of the boys’ dormitory will start early 2012.


Mount Elgon (western Kenya)


Mount Elgon Trust & Elimu Mount Elgon


04 | 2011


– 350m2
– 50 girls
– 4 dormitories
– Housing supervisor
– Storage + solar energy collectors
– Sanitation building + sanitation supervisor